Friday, July 10, 2009

Light Touch

What is she gonna say?

Curled in the corner

Shaking, she keeps them so close

And you let them
know everything about you

But it's those things you can't express

Those feelings that your trying to forget
They make you who you are

Is it just who i want you to be?

She can't just ask idle questions

And my hand lights up

Reaches over and touches your cheek

My lips light up and do the same

Suddenly she forgets
And remembers everything
I still don't know what her voice sounds like anymore

But i've spent so long forgetting

Who is she to me on this midnight drive

Not who she used to be

She's so selfish, she could change everything

Then her lips light up

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I moved to force myself into social isolation

To experience everything as novel

To isolate my character and find myself

I essentially reverted to a blank sheet of environment

I'm lonely, but lacking desperation

I have made little if any effort to spend time with my new roomate

I stay inside

I'm sitting in a library a row down from a beautiful girl

I won't say a word to her

My idea of adventure is going to populated areas

Where social interaction is taboo

This is the beginning of my recovery